Shoe Modifications

As pioneers in the sector of modifications, we offer and continuously develop the modifications you can make on your shoes.

There is no need to throw away or store away an old favourite pair of shoes. A little imagination, a touch of your personal style and our own help can... transform them into modern and in-fashion footwear!


Infinite combinations:

from change of shape or/and change of colour for your shoes...

For instance, you can transform you black pointy court shoes to red peep toes or transform them into platform shoes, coating it with the fabric - leather of choice, from the sample book of  Πι&Φι®.


Change colour!

Renew your shoes, handbag, coat or any other leather good with the colour you like...


Now, innovative modifications are also available for Men shoes...

Apart for the change of colour, you can add soles and welts in various colours and patterns and change entirely the look of your shoes, from classic to modern.