Franchisee Candidates

Πι&Φι® (Pikaifi) is a fast growing chain, the largest of its sector in Greece and among the most distinguished chains in Europe.

The BRAND NAME that has been developed ensures high brand awareness and is currently a synonym for proper and fast service.

Our success is based on the combination of traditional know-how with cutting-edge techniques and technologies. In this way we are flexible and adapt to the needs of our time, something that keeps us always in the front-line.

Our aim is to develop the network with healthy and long-term partnerships. To develop a team of entrepreneurs orientated to integrated customer care and the provision of excellent services resulting in sales and profitability.

The partnership proposal includes all information required and the tools that will allow interested parties to successfully operate in the sector, by the launching of a new Πι&Φι® branch, in their town/city of choice.

The proposal package covers in detail, the entire business scope of operation of a branch, namely it includes information on the selection and training of staff, marketing and advertising both locally and nationally, and information concerning the branch, such as location (selection of point of sale) and the layout of interior and exterior areas.

At the same time, the company develops marketing programs and advertisement and promotional campaigns in the framework of a joint, communication umbrella-concept, which covers all branches of the  Πι&Φι® Network.

Franchisees participate in the advertisement investment of the network, while at the same time they also have the option to proceed to individual actions, following a written agreement with the Franchisor.


Collaborate with us

Join us and you can become too a part of a new idea in the sector of shoe repair - key cutting.

Create your own  Πι&Φι® branch in a market characterised by continuous growth.